Schottenhamel Festhalle Menu 2017


1 Preserved, 2 Nitrite curing salt, 3

Flavour enhancer, 4 Antioxidant, 5 Stabiliser, 6 Emulsifying agent, 7

Colouring, 8 Phosphate, 9 Caffein


A Cereals containing gluten, A1 Wheat, A2 Rye, A3 Barley, B Crustaceans, C Eggs, D Fish, E Peanuts, F Soybeans, G Milk (lactose),

H Nuts, H1 Walnuts, H2 Almonds, I Celery, J Mustard, K Sesame seeds, L Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, M Lupins, N Molluscs

You can download the menu as a PDF.